Streamline Your Business the Atlassian Way

And do it the RIGHT way, with help from our certified Atlassian and ITSM/ITIL experts

### [Product Suite](/services/atlassian/products)

The Atlassian ecosystem can be complex and overwhelming. We help you select the right Atlassian product based on features, business needs, budgetary cost, and ensure you get the most out of the Atlassian products

### [IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management](/services/atlassian/itsm)

Our suite of ITSM and ESM Atlassian-based solutions will help streamline your deparments day-to-day operations, optimize IT service delivery, and excel your business to the next level

### [License Procurement](/services/atlassian/license)

Dedicated license manager to deal with the hassle of buying new, upgrade, or renewal/downgrade of Atlassian license. Enterprises who look for scrutinizing license expense can leverage our cost optimization consulting service and tool

### Integration & Scripting

Integration & Scripting

We make Atlassian tools seamlessly integrate with other systems at your current enterprise stack, with no meaning lost in translation. Our integration services streamline technology, optimize alignment and enhance collaboration

### Migration and Data Center Deployment

Migration and Data Center Deployment

Our migration expert help you with moving, merging and consolidating Atlassian instances between server and cloud tenants, with no loss of critical data and minimal downtime

### Atlassian Data Center Deployment

Atlassian Data Center Deployment

Your team is using Atlassian Data Center? You already had data center infrastructure?

We got your covered with our Kubernetes-based solution deployment that helps to deploy and operate your Atlassian Data Center products to multi-cloud environment such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or on-prem like Redhat Openshift

Our Atlassian Experts

All of our Atlassian consultants are Atlassian certified and have extensive experience with various Atlassian project. Meet the team:

Kiet Ngo
Kiet Ngo

As Founder and CEO, Kiet oversees the operation and development of AgileOps. A veteran in the IT industry, he has strong experience in both business and technical domains. Under his leadership, AgileOps has seen explosive growth, in terms of both talent pool and customer portfolio

Duy Nguyen
Duy Nguyen
Head of Agile

Duy is Agile Lead, which means he supervises all Agile-related matters. Duy has been in love with Agile for close to a decade. His intimate familiarity with the Atlassian product suite and best industry practices mean he can help you maximize your Atlassian investment.

Phong Nguyen
Phong Nguyen
Atlassian Consultant

Phong's extensive qualifications as an Atlassian Certified Expert and certified Scrum Master are just the beginning of his impressive credentials. He is our go-to person for any Atlassian-related technical questions.

His specialization in incident management and other ITSM practices make him an invaluable asset for AgileOps' strategy to become a leading ITSM specialization Atlassian partner in Vietnam.

Phung Nguyen
Phung Nguyen
Atlassian Consultant

Historically, Phung is our team’s third Atlassian Certified Expert

What makes Phung unique is his exceptional communication skills and his ability to approach business challenges with an entrepreneurial mindset, which enables him to succeed in any area he chooses to pursue.

Sau Phung
Sau Phung
Atlassian Consultant

Despite being our newest Atlassian Certified Expert, Sau brings a wealth of experience in the Atlassian ecosystem to our team

He has a proven track record of successfully migrating massive Atlassian sites, developing sophisticated integration modules, and creating ITSM solutions that help streamline business operations

Ngan Nguyen
Ngan Nguyen

Every great team needs a gatekeeper to ensure that the quality of their work is of the highest standards, and Ngan is our chosen one for Quality Assurance. Not only is she an Atlassian certified expert like others on our team, but she is also an ISQTB certified professional with a specialization in test automation

Brandon Davies
Brandon Davies
Master's Atlassian

Master's graduate in Computing and IT Management, Atlassian certified. Brandon joins us from Wales to further our Atlassian teams' knowledge, research collaboration and consulting power.

Agentless IT Service Catalog.jpg

Agentless IT Service Catalog

A self-service portal built in Jira Service Management that allows developers to shop a virtual server pre-installed with a wishlist of software applications: Nginx, Docker, Atlassian or other business applications. The requested server is built on top of a virtualization environment such as VMWare, VirtualBox, Citrix, and is automatically provisioned without a dedicated SysOps engineer or any manual intervention

Talent Acquisition The JSM Way.jpg

Talent Acquisition the JSM Way

JSM-based solution for streamlining the recruitment process which helps companies improve their talent acquisition experience by introducing a more efficient and effective workflow for managing the recruitment process from start to finish.


  • Centralized portal for collecting CVs from various channels: email, website, Facebook, recruitment platforms, headhunters
  • One-click interview scheduling with calendar integration
  • Confidential offer discussions
  • Auto-generated PDF offer
  • Capturing onboarding information

Try it live at

Onboarding New Hire The JSM Way.jpg

Onboarding New Hire the JSM Way

JSM-based solution for streamlining the employee onboarding process which helps improving new hires onboarding experience by introducing a more efficient and effective workflow for managing the onboarding process from start to finish.


  • Seamlessly capturing of employee onboarding information
  • Automated provisioning user account creation and software and hardware access
  • Automated sending onboarding guides with confidential credential access
  • Registering provisioned hardware to corporate asset (Insight)

Electronically Signing Contracts the JSM Way

JSM-based solution for streamlining legal requests and e-contract signing process. Typical legal signing process often involves multiple stakeholders: the signer, the approvers, the legal departmert or agency, which makes the process itself quite rather complex and hard to follow due to the back-and-forth nature


  • Simple and intuitive JSM portal for requesting legal document signing: NDA, contract, agreement...
  • Integration with eSignature systems such as DocuSign, SignNow, Concord
  • Stakeholders reviewing and signing in eSignature systems but the workflow is kept at JSM
  • Automated inviting external collaborators and signers

Multi-cloud Atlassian Data Center Kubernetes-based Deployment

Infrastructure deployment solution that is based on the official Atlassian Data Center Helm charts to install and operate Atlassian Data Center products (Jira and Confluence) within a Kubernetes cluster hosted in multiple cloud providers: AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), or on-prem environments: OpenShift, K3S