Our Solution

Exceptional KUBERNETES services tailored to your needs

Our first-class experts provide services in consulting, implementation and technical support to help our clients take full advantage of Kubernetes

### **Architecture**


We work with you to define strategies and select the right services for your business needs and objectives. Together, we’ll build a roadmap to pilot and deploy Kubernetes according to your current systems. Included are an architecture assessment and design consultation for business-critical applications. Trust us for highly secured, scalable and cost-effective solutions based on Kubernetes.

### **Deployment**


An application production via legacy software may be long-running and require lots of cumbersome and routine checks, configurations and fixes. AgileOps' deployment services help automate repetitive tasks and make tons of manual work a hassle-free breeze through deployment, scaling, and update management. By automating the launch of pod instances, we will help you achieve the supreme performance boost.

### **Security**


Our security-first approach means that your Kubernetes environments will be hardened and built with best practices in mind to defend against common attacks and emerging threats. We have deep experience with various common cybersecurity frameworks such as HIPAA, GPDR, ISO 27001, SOCS and government-wide compliance programs such as FedRAMP and PCI-DSS. For existing installations, we also carry out security reviews to prevent external influences on your system.

### **Migration**


Making the transition from legacy systems on-premises or other Cloud to run on Kubernetes can be a daunting challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. We customize our migration services to your needs – from simple moves into containers to full-scale migrations from virtual machines onto mature Kubernetes clusters. We will save you time, effort and a lot of uncertainty & doubt.

### **Managed Services**

Managed Services

We can build and run your Kubernetes infrastructure on AWS (EKS) and Google Cloud (GKE) or on-premise virtualization (Proxmox). You can focus on your applications without worrying about the complexity associated with deploying, operating and managing Kubernetes clusters. We will ensure you have the observability tooling, skills, and lifecycle management processes in place.

### **Troubleshooting**


If problems with the Kubernetes set-up occur, help not only needs to be provided quickly but it also must be targeted and employ the required expertise. They detect possible issues before those affect your business, providing 24/7 business continuity, data integrity, and zero-disruption upgrades. Our technical support engineers go above and beyond to make sure that you are worry-free.


Fedramp Atlassian Data Center Deployment

The client engaged AgileOps to deploy an Atlassian Data Center environment in the client’s FedRAMP-compliant GCP environment and to install and configure Jira and Confluence applications according to industry best practices. Key deliverables included design, deployment, implementation, installation, configuration and testing. We ensured all prerequisites in terms of system requirements and environment setup were met. Next, we carried out the installation and configuration of applications, including an Nginx Ingress Controller, an SSL/TLS Certificate Manager, Jira Data Center, persistent storage, database. We also implemented horizontal scaling of the product. All in all, the Data Center was deployed with ease and efficiency, and the client was extremely appreciative of our professionalism and expertise.


WebRTC Streaming Service Auto-Scaling Deployment

The client engaged AgileOps to build an elastic scaler for their professional live streaming service. The solution was to be capable of supporting millions of simultaneous viewers for one streamer while also being able to scale deployments down to fit the current load. The audience can also share the stream to other platforms such as Zoom, LinkedIn, and Google Meet. We built the infrastructure on AWS and leveraged the Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as the foundation for our solution. The scaler included an Nginx Ingress Controller, an SSL/TLS Certificate Manager, an AWS Aurora database, a MediaSoup server, AWS EFS and EBS persistent storage, and a Helm chart. As the cherry on top, we included horizontal scaling with HPA and cluster autoscaler, and continuous deployment with GitOps using ArgoCD. In the end, the scaler exceeded the client’s expectations and continues to bring immense value to the end users.

Our Kurbernetes Experts

Our DevSecOps Lead Minh Luu is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, and has delivered over 20,000 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.
Our CEO Kiet Ngo is a AWS-certified Engineer in Solution Architect, DevOps and Security/Network, and has delivered over 9,000 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.

Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen
Devops Specialist

Our Infrastructure Engineer Quang Nguyen is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and has delivered over 500 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.

Kiet Ngo
Kiet Ngo

As Founder and CEO, Kiet oversees the operation and development of AgileOps. A veteran in the IT industry, he has strong experience in both business and technical domains. Under his leadership, AgileOps has seen explosive growth, in terms of both talent pool and customer portfolio

Minh Luu
Minh Luu
Head of DevOps

A fullstack veteran, Minh’s AWS/DevOp skills are battle tested. Having worked in both frontend and backend roles, he has proved a highly valuable asset to AgileOps' clients, consistently exceeding their expectations.