Our Solution

We help maximizing your AWS investment

Our AWS certified expert offer a wide variety of AWS capabilities to help your team maximizing the potent arsenal of AWS services

### **Well-Architected Framework Consulting**

Well-Architected Framework Consulting

We works with our clients to build a robust, efficient and reliable AWS environment derived from the best practices of AWS Well-Architected Framework. We will help you build and optimize your environments for operational excellence, security, cost, performance, and reliability. Your team can focus on running workloads and at the same time adopting best-practice measures of operating on AWS.

### **Serverless Development**

Serverless Development

We help you leverage the powers of AWS Lambda to run code on highly available and fault tolerant infrastructure. You will be free to focus on building differentiated applications and backend services - just write and upload code as a .zip file or container image and execute.

### **DevOps Competency**

DevOps Competency

DevOps has become the go-to practice in optimizing each stage of the software development lifecycle and providing continuous delivery with high software quality. Our tailored DevOps solutions help businesses adopt best DevOps practices to become responsive, deliver reliable products and scale rapidly, leveraging the capabilities of the AWS tool stack.

### **Managed Cloud Services**

Managed Cloud Services

Managing AWS Cloud Services can be burdensome and divert your attention away from what truly matters - improving your products and serving more customers. AgileHops offers partial and complete managed cloud services, with various functions ranging from migration, optimization and security to configuration and optimization.

Our AWS Experts

Our CEO Kiet Ngo has certified with most of AWS Professional and Specialty certifications, and has delivered over 9000 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.
Our DevSecOps Lead Minh Luu is both AWS Certified DevOps Engineer and Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and has delivered over 20000 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.
Our Serverless Engineer Sinh Nguyen is a AWS Certified Developer and Solution Architect, and has delivered over 6000 hours of AWS services on Upwork.
Our Infrastructure Engineer Quang Nguyen is a Certified Kubernetes Administrator, and has delivered over 500 hours of AWS/DevOps services on Upwork.

Kiet Ngo
Kiet Ngo

As Founder and CEO, Kiet oversees the operation and development of AgileOps. A veteran in the IT industry, he has strong experience in both business and technical domains. Under his leadership, AgileOps has seen explosive growth, in terms of both talent pool and customer portfolio

Minh Luu
Minh Luu
Head of DevOps

A fullstack veteran, Minh’s AWS/DevOp skills are battle tested. Having worked in both frontend and backend roles, he has proved a highly valuable asset to AgileOps' clients, consistently exceeding their expectations.

Sinh Nguyen
Sinh Nguyen
Serverless Developer

Sinh Nguyen is a AWS Certified Developer and Solution Architect, and has delivered